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There is something about evergreen Bhopal. Ask people who’ve ever lived here and you can literally hear in their voices how much they admire the place. Gigantic lakes, roller coaster landscape, gushing rivers, valleys, jungles, festive colours, salubrious climate and good peace to top it all! Today’s Bhopal is a bustling metropolis, full of business potential, but one that has managed to preserve its famous laidback identity.

  • Strategic Location

    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is surrounded on all four sides by states and blessed with natural resources. Because of its central location and connectivity with other states, capital of MP, Bhopal is an excellent choice for investment.

  • Enabling ecosystem

    MP offers both Physical and Social (Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Real Estate) advantages, which adds to living experience of its residents. Since last 10 - 15 years scenarios have really changed in Bhopal and it has become a preferable destination to live for good.

  • Growth Potential

    Growing industries in state, housing, infrastructure, urban planning and real estate investment in Bhopal in form of Govindpura and Mandideep industrial area is providing higher growth potential to the state.

  • Government policies

    The state of Madhya Pradesh is also doing its best to attract investors to the state. It has made announcements and offered many incentives to potential investors. With implementation of RERA in the state a transparent and foolproof processes have been formed to create a win-win state for both buyers and customers.

  • Education System

    Bhopal today, is fast emerging as an education hub in Central India, the city with its multi stream educational facilities attracts students from not just the state but across the country.

  • Healthcare Facility

    Any country, state or city cannot grow forward without the presence of proper healthcare system. A proper healthcare facility in any state or country ensures the well being of citizens. From private to government owned hospital all can be found in Bhopal.



Rapid urbanization & improved economic conditions are turning into a promising destination of real estate projects in Bhopal. Paras Emperor’s prestigious location and high end living in Bhopal-Bawadia Kalan.

Today top developers in Bhopal, have brought extravagant homes in MP where you get an impact of royal living in these luxurious apartments in Bhopal. If you want an investment that is stable, one that delivers solid returns or you want an investment that will continue to grow then Paras Emperor is surely the best choice. The choice made is on the premium builders in Bhopal.


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