It isn't just about
luxurious dwelling
Rather it's about Creating Possibilities !

The Emperor

Invite looks, curious visitors &... oh-why-i-don't-have-it jealousy!

The first impression counts. And this one is truly mighty and majestic. The palatial elevation of Paras Emperor piques the curiosity of visitors. What they will see inside will simply exceed their expectations! Welcome to our spaciously designed 3, 4.5, 5 BHK super luxury residences in Bhopal also recognized as high rise apartments in E8 extension - a possession you will cherish for generations!!! Emerging out with novelty among the properties at Bhopal, these super rich flats are all set to add grandiose to your life. So, get ready for the best homes from the renowned builders in Bhopal.

the Team

A Synergy of ideas

Experienced, trustworthy and quite simply the best minds from the various related and allied fields in the construction industry have come together to demonstrate their proven expertise to this highly ambitious and elite project.


- Manoj Misra & Associates, Bhopal
- AR. Udayan Natu, Indore


- Mr. Anand Namjoshi, AVN Associates, Indore

Structural Consultants

- Structural & Foundation Engineer (SAFE), Bhopal
- Ascent Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Electrical Services Design Con.

- N.V Bhale and Associates, Indore

Plumbing & Fire Fighting con.

- Aqua Utility Designs & Management Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad

Landscape consultants

- Devila Landscape, Indore

Project Management consultants

- O& E project management Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Legal Advisor

- Deepesh Joshi and Asscoiates

Paras Lifestyles business philosophy is deeply rooted in the company’s unshakeable belief in meeting new horizons with a clear context and depth in its vision. Continuous innovation lies at the heart of the company’s core values, and this enables Paras Lifestyles to evolve continuously and reach new horizons of living. Paras Lifestyles is setting a trend in Super Luxury life style with their pioneering designs, international standards and location advantage. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We welcome you to experience the excellent workmanship, quality assurance and casual elegance at Paras Lifestyles.

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